I can make
things think !

I _love_ working with data 
I'm working with Pandas, Scikit-Learn, XGBoost, PyTorch, Keras, TensorFlow, MXnet, NumPY ,Gluon, CatBoost, LightGBM and more.

I'm familiar with *Deep Learning*, Decision Trees, Linear Regression, Naive Bayes, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Support Vector Machines (SVM), K-Nearest Neighbors (KNN) algorithms / approaches.

I am a member of the Human Mind Project and a developer supported by Intel, IBM, NVIDIA, Google and AWS Cloud . 

I have taken on senior level positions, such as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Scientist, in several technology companies. My main responsibilities include defining machine learning (ML) based projects, designing and developing model algorithms, and implementing them into cloud-based environments. I have also been tasked to manage teams of data scientists and programmers to deliver time-sensitive projects and handle technical writing documents such as patent applications, technical white papers . 

I was responsible for leading the teams, setting technical directions, and developing the main algorithms.

My main toolboxes include Python, Matlab, and occasionally C++. I am intimately familiar with the concepts of neural networks, regressions, parallel computations with GPU, and libraries such as TensorFlow.
I have already had the opportunity to build the first Android application in Arabic around the world 9 years ago . 

In addition to the opportunity to introduce modern technology into humanitarian philanthropy, I was in charge of a team that installed fourteen fourth-generation military communications stations as logistical assistance to the people  in some of the stricken areas of Syria during the war.

I had the honor to build the algorithm for predicting human hepatitis disease by transmitting large data from radiographs . 

During the past several years, I find many companies, small and large, struggle with machine learning (ML)'s practical applications and implementation. They wanted to leverage the exciting development of ML to benefit their organisations, but found it difficult to get into. I was fortunate enough to work on machine learning as part of my life , and continued to work on machine learning projects after graduation.


I have witnessed the rapid development of this technology during the past few years and thoroughly enjoyed working in this unique and exciting field. I am here because I want to help people and organisations such as yours to leverage machine learning to its fullest potential, achieve your objectives quickly, and at the same time broaden my own domain area of expertise.

Oslo - Norway

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